Version 3.0 multi-level menu


Version 3.0 includes such improvements as:

New features:

  1. Menu works as widget

  2. You can insert the same menu on different pages with different appearance and list of categories (works when copying the widget code).

  3. Added two new pre-configured menu themes for desktop version
  4. Added a new drop-down menu view
  5. Added translation into different languages (via Yandex translator)
  6. Added a new setting "Line height" for the category description
  7. FontAwesome is now not loaded if the menu itself is disabled
  8. The new themes now work in Wix
  9. The new themes now work in Tilda, through the addition of blocks: html, T380


  1. Added real-time preview of the menu setting on menu config page
  2. The menu now works even faster (optimized CSS)
  3. Improved the preview of menu (removed the border around the menu)
  4. Improved upper right margin of the scrolling, the updated URL widget
  5. Improved arrows “left“, “right“, FontAwesome updated to version v5.8.1
  6. Improved icon compatibility for third-party platforms (Fontawesome SVG changed to WebFont)
  7. The menu now works even better on third-party CMS and online platforms (changed Dom prefixes)