Autumn updates 2020


autumn improvements in the Multi-level menu

We have released updates for the Multi-level menu application. The updates included improvements:

  • Multilingual
  • Adding more than 1,000 categories
  • CNC linking or adding UTM tags

1. Multilingual

Multilingual support

Multi-language allows you to display menu items in different languages, by adding a translation in product categories.

2. Adding over 1,000 categories

More than 1000 categories

Improving the user interface for editing categories – this setting allows you to add more than 1,000 categories to the menu via settings in the "menu items" section.

3. HRU links and UTM tags

HRU links and UTM tags

MUI Support for Equid catalog items (categories, products). We Improved the appearance of the URL, raised the limit on the number of characters in the link up to 1024 characters, so you can easily add a link with UTM placemark to an external or internal page and it will work properly

f you need help to understand the menu, you can write us in online chat.