Importance of eCommerce Analytics at the present moment


As an online shop owner, you need to offer your clients the best reliable online shopping experience. No matter what kind of shop you have what products you sell there’s only one thing that will help you to manage and increase your sales is using data analytics of your store, your customers, and your business environment. 

Over the past months, there has been a great increase in eCommerce due to the coronavirus. Online stores need to gather all the data and using this information to track consumers, understand and make decisions that will raise online sales more.

Ecommerce growing globally

Ecommerce sales of goods and services online are growing globally in  2021, there will be over 230 million US digital buyers close to December, it is a 1.32 percent increase from 2020, and even more impressive is the fact that the industry is forecasted to double in size within the next two years.

Data is expected to double every two years

This will double in size amount of the data. As we know from Deloitte ( the key drivers of success over the next decade will be concentrated on analytics and a deep understanding of customer behavior.

More than half of brands are faced difficulties with metrics and numbers

At the same time, as Profitero ( reported, more than half of brands are having a hard to navigating through all the analytic metrics and numbers. And it is important to choose the right KPI metrics, we wrote about in one of our news articles, because of numerous KPI metrics most retail businesses are lost in metrics, and KPI for one retailer may be different for another.

We have a solution for you

As experts, we offer balanced and universal KPI metrics in our unique E-Shop Analytics software for X-Cart easy integrated into your online business.

Why we are better than our competitors

First things first. E-Shop Analytics has unique eCommerce planning tools since you need to administer day-to-day operations. These tools will help you to boost online sales by using the Sales Plan model, administer day-to-day operations, cost, and price control.
E-Shop Analytics also includes Multi-Vendor Marketplace KPI metrics for each vendor such as clicks, conversion rate, cost, revenue, incomes, and shopping cart abandonment, delivery statuses, and other KPI Indicators that are easy to measure and track. You can use analytics interfaces and pdf reports: our dashboards combine data from your online stores all-in-one place, so you can build KPI reports without developers of SQL.