Boost your sales by building the right dashboard KPI indicators!


The Secret of Success

The e-commerce industry is expected to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021. Successful eCommerce business makes decisions based on quantifiable measures that are used to track store’s performance.


Business management is carried out using indicators and target values, monitoring the state of the process by which businesses use statistical methods and technologies for analyzing historical data to improve strategic decision-making. E-Shop Analytics allows you to measure the main indicators of the store's operating activity, turning the numbers into graphs that are useful for management analysis. Let's dive into the most important metrics right now.


Find Your Metrics

There are hundreds of metrics for eCommerce. You need to set goals and find the right KPI metrics to reach your goals. There are some best practices you should follow to optimize your KPI strategy. Just keep it simple to understand and use. The sooner you find your metrics, the quicker you can get your goals. Another important role of dashboards is to simplify web analytics. Perform all calculating processes manually you will risk making a lot of mistakes. Furthermore, presenting marketing data according to your company’s goals and strategies requires you to have centralized control over your data and display options. Simply automate your analytics in one E-Shop Analytics dashboard, select your e-commerce KPI metrics skillfully and you will easily define what happens in your store.