How to increase sales in an online store in 2020 using the Ecwid platform?


Finding a Solution

Every entrepreneur and businessman running his business on the Internet asks this question. We are no exception and asked this question in advance at the beginning of 2020. There are many possible answers, we have chosen several. We conducted a survey and decided to focus on the functionality that helps create the impression of the store's popularity in 2020. This will be useful both for young online stores that are starting to launch their sales and for those who have a sufficient flow of visitors and are proud of it. 

We set a goal, decided on a useful functionality, based on which the name itself came – "Social Proof". Since mid-January 2020, we have started developing a new application under the name "Social Proof". 2 months of magic have passed (analytics, design, design, programming, testing, and more analytics, then correction and translations) and now the application is ready. 


In mid-March 2020, we released a new Social Proof application for Ecwid - another tool that helps answer the question: "How to increase sales in an online store in 2020 using the Ecwid platform". This application will help beginners and experienced owners of online stores to create a sense of urgency, trust among their potential customers and create the impression of the popularity of their store.

The application will increase the conversion and sales of the online store (up to 20%), showing current and recent customer actions in the form of messages:

  1. Real-time statistics:
    • Product Purchase Counter;
    • Product Viewing Counter;
    • Counter of the remaining goods;
  2. Messages:
    • Pop-up message "someone bought the product N time ago";
    • A message about a discount on a product using a coupon.

Therefore, every owner of an online store who has adopted the functionality of the new Social Proof application for the Ecwid platform will be able to:

  • Show the popularity of the store;
  • Show the excitement of purchases;
  • Create a competition for the purchase of goods;
  • Motivate people to buy more using coupons.


I put the translations in a separate subsection of the article because, in order to make your online store even more successful and increase sales in the online store in 2020, you need to enter new markets both in your country and in other countries, and it is very important to be able to quickly make the online store multilingual so that a new language is added at minimal cost, otherwise a foreigner will not understand and will not buy the goods.

Implementing the new Social Proof application for Ecwid, we approached the development of the application with just such a task, to enable stores to quickly and at minimal cost add the desired language.

At the moment, the application has been translated into 10 languages:

  1. Russian
  2. English
  3. Slovenian
  4. French
  5. Spanish
  6. Spanish (Latin America)
  7. Dutch
  8. Dutch
  9. Romanian
  10. Polish

If you have not seen the translation for your language, you can write to our technical support (on the right side of the article page online chat) and we will tell you what you need to do to make the translation into your language appear.


There are many ways to solve the problem of how to increase the sales of an online store in 2020 on the Ecwid platform. We took one and implemented it, it will help you make your store even more successful in 2020.

If you have questions and suggestions about the functionality, translation, or have an idea for a new application and need help in implementing it, write to us in the chat on the article page on the right and we will be happy to help you.

Start increasing sales in the store by up to 20%, right now, by installing Social Proof

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