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Improves the SEO of the store, and helps to increase the number of pages in search results.

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Using the application, you can link (make linking) between the cards of one product, by individual colors.

For example, you have T-shirts (red, blue, yellow and white). You create 4 product cards for each color, and the module helps you add color options to product cards, so a user looking through one product card sees immediately in what color this T-shirt when switching between colors, the user does not notice that he has visited another product card, but thinks that he is in the same, only switches the color and that's it.

Without this application, you will have one product card, but with several color options, so for the search engine, you have one page that it will show, and with the application installed, you can make 4 product cards, but the user will think that this is one. The more pages there are in the store, the better the search engine will rank and show your store more often.

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