Hot offers

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Retain customers and increase sales in your store by launching marketing campaigns with the "Hot offers" app

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The hot offers module allows you to create limited time offers on the website.

The module consists of several parts:

  1. A pop-up window with an offer to take advantage of a discount,
  2. Top banner with a description of the action,
  3. Timer that counts down the time of the action.

On the main page of the site, the module displays a timer and products for which a discount is given.

The popup can be customized for situations:

  1. The user came for the first time
  2. After a certain time the user has been on the page
  3. The user wants to leave the site
  4. Also different combinations of these options
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  • Compatible versions
    5.4.x, 5.3.x
  • Access to upgrades
    1 Year
  • Distributed by subscription
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